Nitro Power Cleaning uses state of the art, TRUCK-MOUNT HOT WATER EXTRACTION EQUIPMENT to provide you with a powerful professional clean every time!. You won’t see any pictures of glasses of red wine or cute kids and pets sitting on brand new wool carpets on this website. However, you will see plenty of photos of the equipment we use and genuine cleaning jobs completed by us.


CUSTOMER SERVICE and HIGH QUALITY work is our main focus because we want to make you a loyal customer who will recommend us to your friends as well. We are experts in STAIN and ODOUR REMOVAL and SPECIALISE in CLEANING: CARPET, HARD SURFACES, UPHOLSTERY, RUGS, TILES and GROUT. Nitro Power Cleaning can also STRIP, SEAL AND POLISH VINYL TILES, RE-SEAL your GROUT in the COLOUR of your choice and apply FIBRE PROTECTANT to your CARPET, FURNITURE and RUGS. We also offer many other PROFESSIONAL CLEANING SERVICES for any RESIDENTIAL or COMMERCIAL job.


If you have a busy lifestyle or work during the day and can’t be home for your cleaning appointment, just leave us the key or have someone let us in. You can arrive home to professionally cleaned and sanitised carpet, clean and restored furniture, shiny tiles with Re-sealed grout in the colour of your choice and a beautiful fresh scent in the air. Now just put your feet up and enjoy.

All Nitro’s Cleaning Technicians have completed the IICRC Carpet cleaning and Hard Floor Care courses and are among the first in Bendigo to be recognised both NATIONALLY and INTERNATIONALLY as Cleaning professionals. We do FIBRE IDENTIFICATION on all CARPET and RUG cleaning jobs to determine exactly what FIBRE we are dealing with and we also do DYE RUN TESTS on all RUG and UPHOLSTERY cleaning jobs, BEFORE any cleaning is started. This ENSURES that we can CLEAN your VALUED items as SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY as possible. CARPET and TILES are some of the most EXPENSIVE ASSETS in the average home and you can be rest assured that they will be in SAFE HANDS with a CERTIFIED Nitro Power Cleaning technician.

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Unlike a lot of other cleaning methods that leave CHEMICAL RESIDUE in the carpet, Nitro Power Cleaning only uses Hot Water Extraction For RESIDENTIAL Carpet cleaning. We choose this cleaning method because it completely RINSES out any of the WATER SOLUBLE cleaning agents being used and leaves ZERO CHEMICAL RESIDUE behind in the CARPET FIBRE. This makes it SAFE for crawling BABIES, PETS and FAMILY members with ASTHMA or ALLERGIES. The STICKY RESIDUE left by some OTHER CLEANING METHODS also BUILDS UP each time you get your carpet cleaned, ATTRACTING SOILS from the SOLES of SHOES and making your CARPET DIRTY in no time. Nitro Power Cleaning will keep your carpets CLEANER FOR LONGER. Contact us for a quote or demonstration today..

Tile and Grout Cleaning Bendigo

Having clean tiles and grout is essential for the health of your family. If it’s not clean call us…  Make your tile and grout smooth and bright clean. Nitro Power Cleaning will safely remove built up dirt and restore your tile and grout surfaces to as like new condition, saving you valuable time and money. Grout Re-Sealing is also available in a variety of colours.

Pet StainAcid Dye Stain on Wool CarpetWater Damage,Rust,VarnishProtein StainGrout Sealant Colours

Stain Removal Bendigo

Stain removal is the bane of mother’s life but now she can relax on the couch. Nitro Power Cleaning will remove all stains by process of removing a mark or spot left by one substance on a specific surface like a fabric. We specialise in removing all types of stains, including: Red Wine, Tea, Coffee, Food, Urine, Vomit, Blood, Texta, Ink, Crayon, Gum, Browning, Rust, Cosmetics, Drinks, Grease, Oil and Tar.


***Servicing Bendigo & surrounding areas***