Carpet acts like a Filter For Your Home and traps in Dirt, Dust, Allergens and other Nasties. If you don’t get your carpet Professionally cleaned at least Yearly this filter can become full and start releasing everything back into your home and the air you and your family breathe. Nitro Power Cleaning uses a Truck Mount Cleaning System that allows us to Create massive amounts of Suction, Pressurise and Super Heat Water.  We shoot this super heated water (up to 180 degrees celsius) deep into your carpet and then suck it straight back out along with all the dislodged dirt, grime and anything else that may be hiding in there, with the truck mounts powerful vacuum.  This type of cleaning is called Hot Water Extraction and is the Safest and Most Effective way to Clean your carpet. Other methods of cleaning like Dry/Low Moisture cleaning are simply not as effective as hot water extraction and generally have to use more chemicals to make up for the lack of water being used. These chemicals are usually not removed from the carpet completely and often leave a sticky residue that will gradually build up each time you get it cleaned.  Truck Mounts are so advanced and powerful these days that even after a deep Hot Water Extraction Clean has been performed by a Trained Professional, your carpet will only be damp to the touch.  On a fine day with a few windows open to provide air flow it will be dry in under 3 hours and can usually be walked on not long after the cleaning has been completed.  We can also use Industrial Air Movers to Speed Up the Drying Process if required.  So why bother with Dry Cleaning???


CUSTOMER SERVICE and HIGH QUALITY work is our main focus because we want to make you a loyal customer who will recommend us to your friends as well. We are experts in STAIN and ODOUR REMOVAL and SPECIALISE in CLEANING: CARPET, HARD SURFACES, UPHOLSTERY, RUGS, TILES and GROUT. Nitro Power Cleaning can also STRIP, SEAL AND POLISH VINYL TILES, RE-SEAL your GROUT in the COLOUR of your choice and apply FIBRE PROTECTANT to your CARPET, FURNITURE and RUGS. We also offer many other PROFESSIONAL CLEANING SERVICES for any RESIDENTIAL or COMMERCIAL job.


If you have a busy lifestyle or work during the day and can’t be home for your cleaning appointment, just leave us the key or have someone let us in. We will complete the job and then lock up afterwards.

All Nitro’s Cleaning Technicians have completed the IICRC Carpet cleaning and Hard Floor Care courses and are among the first in Bendigo to be recognised both NATIONALLY and INTERNATIONALLY as Cleaning professionals. We do FIBRE IDENTIFICATION on all CARPET and RUG cleaning jobs to determine exactly what FIBRE we are dealing with and we also do DYE RUN TESTS on all RUG and UPHOLSTERY cleaning jobs, BEFORE any cleaning is started. This ENSURES that we can CLEAN your VALUED items as SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY as possible. CARPET and TILES are some of the most EXPENSIVE ASSETS in the average home and you can be rest assured that they will be in SAFE HANDS with a CERTIFIED Nitro Power Cleaning technician.

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Unlike a lot of other cleaning methods that leave CHEMICAL RESIDUE in the carpet, Nitro Power Cleaning Prefers to use Hot Water Extraction For RESIDENTIAL Carpet cleaning. We choose this cleaning method because it completely RINSES out any of the WATER SOLUBLE cleaning agents being used and leaves ZERO CHEMICAL RESIDUE behind in the CARPET FIBRE. This makes it SAFE for crawling BABIES, PETS and FAMILY members with ASTHMA or ALLERGIES. The STICKY RESIDUE left by some OTHER CLEANING METHODS also BUILDS UP each time you get your carpet cleaned, ATTRACTING SOILS from the SOLES of SHOES and making your CARPET DIRTY in no time. Nitro Power Cleaning will keep your carpets CLEANER FOR LONGER. Contact us for a quote or demonstration today..

Tile and Grout Cleaning Bendigo

Having clean tiles and grout is essential for the health of your family. If it’s not clean, dust particles and other nasties are stirred up and released into the air as people, pets and kids walk or play on the area.   No matter how diligently you clean your tiles, eventually the grout will begin to discolour and even turn black in high traffic areas. We can remove this dirt, grease and grime from the grout lines and then seal it to create a waterproof  barrier that will make it easier for you to clean.

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Stain Removal Bendigo

Nitro Power Cleaning Is professionally trained in stain removal and can attempt to remove most stains including: Red Wine, Tea, Coffee, Food, Urine, Vomit, Blood, Texta, Ink, Crayon, Gum, Browning, Rust, Cosmetics, Drinks, Grease, Oil and Tar. Unlike some of our competitors we will never claim to be able to remove every stain on every carpet because this is not entirely true. Depending on the Type of stain, fibre type, age of the stain, size of the stain and what the customer has treated the stain with to try and remove it themselves, it may not come out. The stain may have to be cut out and replaced with another piece of carpet or even dyed depending on the circumstances.  Some carpet may be completely ruined and need to be ripped up and replaced.  Nitro Power Cleaning recommends that all it’s customers should never try to treat a stain with any product in an attempt to remove it themselves.  If you spill something on you carpet the best thing to do is gently remove any solids, soak up as much of the liquid as possible with a Clean White towel before it seeps into the carpet, then fold and place another Clean White towel directly on the stain and weigh it down with something heavy. As the White Towel draws in the stain and becomes dirty, turn it over to the clean side and replace with a new one after a few hours if required. If you follow these simple steps the chances of us being able to remove the stain completely are very high.


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